The Edgar-winning Dan Fortune Is Back!

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  • Act of Fear

    #1 in the Edgar Award-Winning series

    As a teenager on the rough streets of New York City, Dan Fortune lost his arm in a failed break-in and decided it was time to go straight. He became a private detective where he grew up – the gritty Chelsea district. Uneducated but well read, he’s not your typical beat-’em-up, hard-boiled detective, but then having only one arm cuts down on the urge for a fistfight. Instead, he relies on brains, persistence, and compassion. But the job is always the same – dangerous.

    “Finely honed suspense… May he thrive.” — New York Times

    “Smashing … leaves the reader breathless.” — Publishers Weekly

    “A master of crime fiction.” — Ellery Queen

    “The creation of one-armed detective Dan Fortune helped revive the old-fashioned detective yarn.” — Tulsa World

    “Dennis Lynds was probably the most important and influential writer of private-eye stories to emerge in the past 40 years. His series about one-armed detective Dan Fortune is filled with the sense of pace, setting, and characterization of a master stylist, and the social consciousness of a committed human being.” — Crippen & Landru

  • Dennis Lynds

    Welcome to the Exciting Literary World of Dennis Lynds…

    A raconteur and Renaissance man, Dennis Lynds changed the mystery form and along the way created iconic private detectives who won the hearts of readers and the awards of critics. He was a tall, lanky man with a nose the size of Gibraltar and a generous nature that made him a soft touch for friends, panhandlers, and his children. He published some 40 novels under various pseudonyms, won prizes such as the Edgar Allen Poe Award, the mystery world’s highest honor, and received accolades from legendary authors and legendary newspapers… Learn More

  • Books
    Fortune Speaks

    Kirkus Reviews praises Dennis’s books as “taut, fast, and literate.”

    • I lost my left arm. I’m right-handed. There is some good in everything, if you look at it correctly.
    • A detective who expects his clients to tell all wouldn’t work much.
    • Like most men who despise money, I always need some.
    • Maybe she made a lot of her own troubles, but don’t we all when you come down to it?
    • Four o’clock in the morning is that final moment of truth – the time when there is nowhere else to go but home. If a man has a home.

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